Soft Skills In Stressful Times

August 19, 2020

12:00 PM to 1:00 PM
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Did you know former LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner said that "Communication skills are the #1 skills gap" and that organizations would be smart to train their employees in interpersonal "soft" skills?Want good news? Sam Horn has been teaching what to say and not to say for 20 years to clients including Intel, Cisco, ASAE, Capital One and Four Seasons Resorts. Discover how to deal with complaints, help people find solutions vs. fault, use words that turn conflict into cooperation, and keep your cool ... even when other people aren't. These techniques can dramatically improve the quality of your customer service and employee relations.

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About Our Speaker

Sam Horn, Founder/CEO of the Intrigue Agency and the Tongue Fu! Training Institute has been featured on NPR and in the New York Times. Her clients include Cisco, Intel, Amgen, Capital One, Nationwide. Her 3 TEDx talks and 9 books - including POP!, Tongue Fu! and Washington Post bestseller Got Your Attention?, have been endorsed by Dan Pink, Keith Ferrazzi, Tony Robbins and former Oprah producer Sheri Salata who says, "Sam Horn is one of the bright lights and most accessible wisdom-sharers in our culture today."