Why Ethics Matter

July 16, 2020

12:00 PM to 1:00 PM
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Public Relations professionals have a unique position of being at the intersection of our organizations or clients, audiences, media and other stakeholders. It is a position that requires us to meticulously think through the lens of how ‘what we do’ impacts each component.  Additionally, it carries the added responsibility of being the chief consciousness officer of the entire ecosystem. 

We all know that ethics matters, but what does that really mean? Ethics is so much more than a "do the right thing" mantra. Ethics must be the foundation upon which we do business. In this webinar, participants will learn why ethics must be woven into the DNA of an organization and the very real bottom-line business reasons for having a structured ethics program. 


About our Speaker…

Karen Swim loves helping others to soar. She began her career in healthcare, rising to leadership roles that included leading top performing sales teams at Glaxo SmithKline and developing, as well as executing marketing initiatives for seven states at Quest Diagnostics.

With a unique blend of business acumen, strategy and creativity, Karen helps clients find, identify and engage their target audiences. Karen is the Founder of Words For Hire, a PR and Marketing agency.  She’s also the President of Solo PR Pro, a membership organization for independent and small business communications professionals. 

Karen’s infectious optimism and gift for turning potential into action have made her a sought-after speaker. With a genuine passion for helping others to become their best selves, she delivers practical, actionable advice to public relations professionals, nonprofits, associations and business executives. Karen also serves on PRSA’s National Board of Ethics and Professional Standards (BEPS).  She takes delight in helping professionals make ethics part of their everyday life.