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September is Ethics Month 

As public relations practitioners, we are called to conduct ourselves professionally, with truth, accuracy, fairness and responsibility to the public at the forefront, regardless of the project or client at hand. We are called to act ethically and to lead others to do the same – but it’s not always easy or black and white, and it’s a muscle we must consciously flex. 

Each September, PRSA recognizes Public Relations Ethics Month – a time to renew our oath to adhere to the PRSA Member Code of Ethics, and a time to challenge ourselves to continue learning and engaging in tough, yet important, conversations with our peers, clients and the general public. 

To do so, PRSA National offers various programs throughout the month – from webinars to Twitter chats to conference calls. Following are among the highlights of Ethics Month, and we challenge you to participate in as many as you can:

Sept. 10 (1:00 PM, EDT)
Conference Call: Moral Reasoning and Development Across Industries of Mass Communications
This study examined how professional journalists, public relations executives and advertising executives scored in a moral development test. There have been significant changes since a similar study was conducted 10 years ago and Marlene S. Neill Ph.D., APR and AEJMC Media Ethics Division Head & Programming Chair, will lead a discussion of potential factors impacting the results.

(605) 313-4427
Account Code: 501132#

Sept. 18 (1:00 PM, EDT)
Twitter chat: Legal and Ethical Dimensions: Using Online Data for Public Relations Strategies
Join the discussion at #EthicsMonth
Sept. 19 (9:00 PM, EDT)
Twitter chat: PR Licensing----“Enhancing the Profession”
Join the discussion at #EthicsMonth

Sept. 24 (7:00 PM, EDT)
Twitter chat: Fighting for Ethical Integrity in a Time of Fake News, Misinformation & Disinformation
Join the discussion at #EthicsMonth
Sept. 26 (12:00 Noon, EDT)
Webinar: Social Media, The Law and Public Relations Practice
Cayce Myers, Ph.D., LL.M., J.D., APR examines the major legal trends affecting the practice of public relations and digital communication, including social media policymaking, regulations of social media promotions and ownership of social media content. Myers is an Associate Professor in Virginia Tech’s Department of Communication where he teaches public relations, and he also serves as the legal research editor for the Institute for Public Relations. Register here.

Also throughout the month, PRSA St. Louis will be sharing links to various ethics resources and scenarios on social media. Follow along on Twitter or Facebook!

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