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6 Reasons to Stay in a Long-Term Relationship with PRSA

Recently, Paul Spooner shared his reasons for making the transition from being a collegiate member of the Public Relations Student Society of America to joining the Public Relations Society of America as an associate member. I, too, was a member of PRSSA in college and took advantage of associate membership after completing graduate school. In fact, my relationship with PRSA is longer than my relationship with my husband! So why have I stayed active in PRSA for more than 20 years?

1) Better than Google
In the days before the internet, my PRSA directory was THE go-to resource for reliable, local knowledge. It made all the difference when I lived in Iowa and had to plan a client event in Maryland. Even today, I know I can get great local information and references I can trust from PRSA pros both near and far.

2) Career Moves
Since graduating from college, I’ve moved seven times, worked at three different agencies, suffered a layoff and started a firm, but I’ve always remained a PRSA member. Through my membership, I’ve found new jobs, new clients, new resources and new friends wherever I’ve gone.

3) Keeping Up with Changes
PRSA offers a wide variety of resources that have helped me stay on top of many changes in our business. From the daily Issues & Trends emails and free webinars, to monthly luncheons and district conferences, I can always find a convenient, cost-effective learning opportunity.

4) A Second Master’s Degree
Earning my APR required a real commitment of time and effort. It was also like earning another master’s degree, except it validates the breadth and depth of your knowledge and experience in the real world, not just in the classroom.

5) Off-the-Job Experience
Long before I led my first team, I led a PRSA committee. By actively volunteering in my chapter, I have gained valuable experience that I’ve been able to apply directly to my work and my career.

6) Peer Review
PRSA members are smart, dedicated professionals. They offer an amazing network to which I turn for answers and advice. Plus, our Silver Anvil Awards program provides the ultimate in peer review. Truly, there’s nothing more gratifying than to have your work judged to be among the best in the industry by your fellow practitioners.

Making it Last
Like any good relationship, I’ve found that I get out of PRSA what I put into PRSA. So if you haven’t – join. If you’ve joined - participate. And enjoy the benefits of your own long-term relationship.

This post is courtesy of Sandi Straetker, APR, PRSA St. Louis Membership Director. As owner and principal of PRiority Public Relations LLC, Sandi helps her B2B clients connect with customers and grow their businesses. Her work has been honored by PRSA’s Silver Anvil Awards. She’s been a member of five PRSA chapters in five states, but you can catch up with her on Twitter @SandiStraetker.

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  1. Tressa Robbins

    Jul. 31, 2014

    Thanks for sharing your personal experiences, Sandi!