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Video, Evolution of Story Telling

As a video producer, I truly believe that video is the best communications tool we have today. A recent 2015 Q3 report released by Mark Zuckerberg said that eight billion videos are watched on Facebook every single day, up from 1 billion the year prior. Some people say video is the next evolution of story telling, but really you're behind the times if you're not already using video.

In this Fortune article, one of Facebook's vice presidents, Nicola Mendelsohn, predicts it'll become "all video" within five years. Maybe that’s because people today want things convenient, fast and relatable. Watching a video is more than just mindlessly clicking on a button. It's allows viewers to connect to the story in a more intimate way than just reading text. You can hear the tone in someone's voice and watch their reactions as they tell their story, which creates a more personal experience. Facebook officials also say that the video trend helps viewers digest information more - but don't worry writers, someone still needs to write the video content.  

As a PR professional, you've done your job well if your audience feels connected to your cause, which video ultimately can do more efficiently than text.

Of course, video costs more to produce and is more labor-intensive than a written press release or blog post. But don’t let that deter you. There are ways to budget for an affordable video - you just need to shop around for the right production partner. And, with such a huge shift to digital communication and marketing, video is a proven communications tool that will give you the best ROI.  

This blog is courtesy of Shannon Plummer, owner of Rae Vision Media. She holds a bachelor's degree in broadcast communication/journalism from North Central College. She also serves on the communications committee for PRSA-St. Louis. 

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