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Hear from Career Coach: How to Maximize Networking IN Your Work and FOR Your Work

At PRSA St. Louis’ Career Development Day, Keynote Speaker Bernie Frazier
will explain why networking is vital to all stages of your career.

Hear from Career Coach: How to Maximize Networking IN Your Work and FOR Your Work

Whether you just accepted your first job or are a 25-year PR veteran, continued professional growth is essential for career success. We all know this, but because of our jam-packed days, our professional development is the first thing to fall off the list.

Now’s your time to do something about it.

At PRSA St. Louis’ Career Development Day, hear from keynote speaker, Bernie Frazier, who is a career coach that specializes in explaining why networking is vital to all stages of your career and how it can even improve your personal life. PRSA had a chance to talk with Bernie about insights she’ll share in her presentation and how networking can expand your professional development.

Q: What would you say to professionals that think, “Why do I need this if I’m at the place I want to be in my career?”
While you may not want to grow your career anymore, it is very important to stay in the present. Networking gives you the opportunity to know what the current trends are in your field, which in turn keeps your skills up-to-date. Current skills equals better job security.

Q: Many companies are noticing a broad age gap in the employee demographic. How can networking bridge that and connect the two together?
The first thing professionals need to admit is that they do not know everything. You then need to identify what you don’t know and find people who have those strengths. The last part is cohesion between the seasoned professionals and new professionals. Experienced professionals need to teach new pros the fundamentals of PR and new professionals need to teach experienced pros how to execute the basics with modern strategies and tactics.

Q: One common flaw when networking is thinking of it as an interview and having a job offer be the end goal. What are your thoughts on this?
I have two important points: 1) It’s not “all about me” and 2) Two-way communication is vital to good networking. I’ll expand on this more in my presentation but, especially in PR, you need to approach the idea of networking with the same mentality as working for a client.

Bernie Frazier will present at Career Development Day on “Networking: How to Maximize it IN Your Work and FOR Your Work” on Friday, Feb. 27 at The Sheldon Concert Hall.

In addition to Bernie’s keynote, members of the St. Louis media will take part in a “Media Expectations” panel where you’ll have the opportunity to ask print, radio, TV and digital journalists how to get your story noticed AND covered in today’s 24-hour media cycle. Lunch will be served in between both presentations.

Register by this Monday, Feb. 23 at to attend this year’s Career Development Day.

This post is courtesy of Robert Fischer who currently serves as the PRSA St. Louis Career Development Day Event Chair and Head of the New Professionals Section. Robert is a Freelance Publicist at PRISM. You can catch up with him on Twitter @_imPRessive_.

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