Building on PRSA's national commitment to diversity in all chapters, we have compiled these diversity resources to help you generate ideas that meet your organization's needs. Providing professional communicators with the access to tools, training and opportunities to improve diversity efforts will assist in your efforts to build trust and a sense of team throughout your organization.

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How do you start building a Workplace Diversity Strategy?
As a communicator, with multiple tasks on your plate at any hour of the day (or night), you may not understand what a "workplace diversity strategy" means or why your company needs one. Yet, as a communicator, you serve as the "voice" of your organization. And that voice must reach a diverse employee base and a diverse marketplace.

Living up to that responsibility can be daunting. To assist in this responsibility, we created the The Communicator's Diversity Resource Center.  Please let us know how we can make this resource more helpful to you.

Do You Have a Diversity Question?
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