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#InspireBlackMen – Our responsibility as PR pros to change negative perceptions

By Liz Sharpe-Taylor, chief of diversity and inclusion, PRSA St. Louis, and Nez Savala, APR 

Trayvon Martin. Michael Brown. Tiger Woods. 

You know their names, their faces and part of their stories because of what you’ve seen in the media. What you remember comes from how countless other black men like them are portrayed by media and society. All of it plays into a negative perception. 

As PR practitioners, we tell stories to communicate ideas, to reach people, to support products, brands and services, and much more. By understanding how stereotypes affect storytelling, we can strengthen our professional ability to communicate with truth, accuracy, fairness, and a responsibility to the public. 

You’re invited to join a conversation focused on changing the narrative of black men in media, as well as opening doors of opportunity for those who aspire to work in media. 

The Greater St. Louis Association of Black Journalists, in partnership with Saint Louis University’s Office of Diversity and Community Engagement, is hosting a discussion, The Black Male Media Project, on June 10 from 2:30-6:00 p.m. at Boileau Hall, 38 Vandeventer Avenue. 

Participants include Carol Daniel, KMOX Radio and president of GSLABJ; Art Holliday, KSDK News Channel 5; Jonathan Smith, vice president, diversity and community engagement, and Dr. Stefan Bradley, associate professor, both of Saint Louis University. 

The Black Male Media Project aligns with an initiative of the National Association of Black Journalists, and is designed “to combat the blotter-to-mugshot images of black male faces, and to create a fresh, real view of black men in America and across the diaspora.” 

As public relations professionals in St. Louis, this is a powerful opportunity to have cogent conversations about stereotypes in media. We are all invited to participate, listen and learn, and to demonstrate support for diversity and inclusion in our profession. 

The Black Male Media Project is free and open to the public. Please RSVP at 

We look forward to seeing you on June 10 as we take steps to #InspireBlackMen. 

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